Madball - down by law

In 2001, the organisation thought they had found a site where the festival could return on a yearly basis, near the town of Lichtenvoorde . However, the threat of foot-and-mouth disease caused trouble, and Dynamo Open Air had to be cancelled. In 2002 it returned, at the site of the Bospop festival, but 2003 was another year without a Dynamo festival, because it would violate a recently passed law about animal protection during breeding season. For 2004, the festival returned to Nijmegen, at the same location where it took place in 2000. In 2005, the festival used the site of the Dauwpop festival , and the re-formed Anthrax dominated the stage.

Madball - Down By LawMadball - Down By LawMadball - Down By LawMadball - Down By Law