Noise slawonische kunst - noise slawonische kunst

_Beach Birds For Camera, 1992 (a 35mm film directed by Elliot Caplan)
Music: John Cage
Design: Marsha Skinner
Dancers: Merce Cunningham Dance Company_

Chapter 1: Notation and Some Piano Basics
Chapter 2: The History and Mechanism of the Piano
Chapter 3: On the Keys and on the Pedals
Chapter 4: Pizzicato, Strumming, Scraping, Rubbing
Chapter 5: Muting
Chapter 6: Harmonics
Chapter 7: The Piano is a Big Box and the Pianist is a Noise-Making Animal
Chapter 8: Bowing
Chapter 9: Preparations
Chapter 10: The Toy Piano
Appendix A: Repertoire
Appendix B: Materials for Piano Preparation
Appendix C: Grand Piano Interior Architecture and Stringing