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If I don’t get no satisfaction from the judge /I’m gonna take it to the FBI as a personal grudge
If they don’t give me no consolation / 
I’m gonna take it to the United Nations.

The report also detailed how Berry allegedly installed hidden cameras in the women’s restroom at the Southern Air restaurant in Wentzville after he bought it in 1987. One camera “was evidently behind the toilet seat,” according to Spy, while others captured “aerial views of the toilets’ contents during the seconds after the women stood but before they flushed.”

 · Chuck Berry (Charles Edward Anderson Berry - born Oct. 18, 1926, St. Louis, Mo., .) singer, songwriter, and guitarist who was one of the most popular ...

By fusing blues and country, Berry also invented a signature guitar style – like "ringing a bell," as he put it in "Johnny G. Goode" – that was imitated by bands from the Stones and the Beach Boys to punk rockers. His lyrics – largely about sex, cars, music and trouble – introduced an entirely new vocabulary into popular music in the Fifties. In his songs, Berry captured America's newfound post-war prosperity – a world, as he sang in "Back in the .," where "hamburgers sizzle on an open grill night and day." ''I made records for people who would buy them," Berry once said. "No color, no ethnic, no political – I don't want that, never did.''

Chuck Berry - Chuck BerryChuck Berry - Chuck BerryChuck Berry - Chuck BerryChuck Berry - Chuck Berry